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Difference between Air Purifiers And Plasma Air Sterilizer

Date: 2020-05-27   Views: 4680

Air purifiers in the market mostly adopt electrostatic attraction, or filters, such as HEPA filter to filtrate the particles in air. Test standard for HEPA filter is to test the filtration efficiency of 0.3μm, which is 300nm. However, the virus, e.g. H1N1, SARS are always smaller than this size, around 80 - 200nm. COVID-19 virus is around 125nm, so HEPA filter may lose its filtration effect for virus in this case.


Therefore, a device with both filtration and disinfection are required to deal with the current epidemic.

What is Plasma?

Known as the fourth state of matter, plasma widely exists in universe. Nearest to us, the sun, taking 99.86% of weight in solar system is of plasma.  Sunshine, the radiation of the sun, is deadly if without the protection of atmosphere on earth.


FreshingTM KJF series Plasma Air Sterilizer is built with plasma module generating plasma, which containing high density (1.8x1017 – 1.0x1018m3), high-energy ions and radicals to crash into and destroy the RNA or DNA of virus to disable their reproduction capability, and thus making sure the safety of patients and medics working in infectious wards, fever clinics and other easy to be infected places.




99.95% Killing Rate of H1N1 Virus


According to the test by Qingdao Standard Test Co., Ltd, killing rate of the KJF-Y100 Plasma Air Sterilizer has a killing rate of 99.95% for H1N1 virus. Therefore, similar killing rate could be expected from other viruses.

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