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Study in UK found long-term loss of brain tissue after COVID-19 infection

Date: 2021-06-21   Views: 4604

A study in UK found loss of brain tissue after comparing brain image before and after COVID-19 infection. 

Dr. Scott Gottlieb (Scott Gottlieb) quoted a new British study on Thursday to warn about the possibility of long-term brain loss associated with Covid.

"In short, the study shows that the new coronavirus may cause some long-term loss of brain tissue, which will have some long-term consequences."

"Over time, you can make up for this, so the symptoms may disappear, but if in fact, it is destroyed by the virus, you will never be able to restore the organization," said Gottlieb, who serves Covid vaccine manufacturing Shang Pfizer’s board of directors.

This British study examined brain imaging before and after coronavirus infection and specifically studied the potential effects on the nervous system.

Gottlieb explained that the destruction of brain tissue could explain why Covid patients lost their sense of smell.

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