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Ultrasound Wound Debridement Device

Time: 2019-01-01
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Category: Wound Care
Type: Capital Equipment
Product Details


A cutting-edge wound debridement device developed for debriding and cleansing of complicated wounds using ultrasonic cavitation effect and mechanical effect of high frequency vibration. 



Compared with traditional surgical debridement procedures, the ultrasonic debridement system 
1) increases the debridement efficiency; 
2) reduces damages to normal tissue;
3) eases the pain of patients; 

4) doesnt' need to be opeated in an opeation room environment. 



With the functions of ultrasonic cleaning, pulse flushing and vacuum suction, the debridement device can sterilize bacteria by destroying the bio-membrane; increase antibiotic activity, promote fibrin decomposition, improve blood circulation and make blood vessels become wider; the debridement device can also remove the necrotic tissue inside the wound, and protect new granulation tissue.




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