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Sleep Apnea Screening System

Time: 2019-05-06
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Product Details
  • Sleep Apnea Screening System helps to easily identify potential patients with sleep apnea at a large scale. 

  • The system have been installed in >100 hospitals in China, helping >4,000 patients daily

  • The Button to be attached to patient's wrist during sleep at home. And a report will be generated based on the collected data next day when the Button is returned to hospital.  

  • Standard system comes with 20pcs Buttons, for 20 screenings per day.

  • Number of Buttons for one system can be easily expanded to hundreds at very low cost. 

Sleep Apnea (SA


Repeated breathing pauses or hypoventilation caused by various reasons, leading to hypoxemia, hypercapnia, sleep disruptions and, therefore, causing a series of a series of pathophysiological changes in the body.


The World Health Organization announced the top ten causes of death in the world in 2016, four of the ten related to sleep apnea. 


Current diagnosis of sleep apnea is very complicated:

  1. very expensive PSG equipments leads to limited beds in hospitals

  2. needs very well trained professionals to wear the equipment

  3. needs 1 - 3 nights' stay in hospital 

  4. expensive examinations charges


While a lot research shows Oxygen Deduction Index (ODI) can be used as a preliminary screening of sleep apnea, we have come up with the most accurate and stable data collecting, analysis and reporting system that allows patient to stay at home for the examination, reduces the cost of screening and can be widely applied in hosipitals and sleep centers. 



  • Low Cost: 1/10 of PSG equipment

  • Space Saving: Buttons + Data Hub + Computer, can be used outside of hospital, no specific room/bed required

  • Simple Operation: stick to the wrist, finished! No cable/pipeline connections. It doesn't require a professional doctors.

  • Very Comfortable: No cable, no foreign body sensation, no need to stay overnight in the hospital

  • Authoritative & Reliable: Based on national sleep medicine guidelines, thousands of clinical data, over 50 top 3A hospital applications








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