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Space And Surface Disinfector

Time: 2020-08-11
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Category: COVID19,Infection Control
Type: Capital Equipment
Product Details


  • Space and Surface Disinfection Device, regularly called as H2O2 fogger, applies the H2O2 dry fogging technology to disinfect the air and surfaces in a closed room. Beside H2O2, it also combines the UVC and plasma air disinfection technology inside for better disinfection performance and less aeration time. 

  • Different modules can be turned on and off separately for different applications, which enables the device to work as a plasma air sterilizer during the work hours to reduce risks of airborne virus, and work as a surface disinfector during the night to disinfect the whole room.



Special designed chemical indicators and biological indicators according to ISO11140 & ISO11138 are developed for validation of the disinfection performance. Color changes and biological incubation readings/results give confirmed disinfection performance.

Application Range

The robot model is suitable for high-risk areas, operating rooms, ICU, neonatal wards, infectious wards, general wards, laboratories, laboratory animal centers, microbiology laboratories, biopharmaceutical factories, public areas, sanitary facilities and other places need to be disinfected. Disinfection space up to 500m³. After disinfection, wipe clean covers of the device (main air outlet area) with clean water 1-3 times to avoid corrosion.


space and surface disinfector-BEST.pdf

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