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Space And Surface Disinfector

Time: 2020-08-11
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Category: COVID19
Type: Capital Equipment
Product Details

Triple Disinfection

  • H2O2

Adopting unique constant pressure evaporation technology, and applying the Venturi effect to quickly separate H2O2 liquid into H2O2 molecules and H2O molecules. the molecules themselves do irregular Brownian motion, prompting H2O2 particles to quickly diffuse to the entire room. Due to the strong oxidizing power of H2O2, it quickly attack the components of cells, including lipid proteins and DNA tissues, thereby achieving the inactivation of bacteria.

  • UV

Build-in UV-C lamps adopt wavelength of 253.7nm high intensity ultraviolet radiation for disinfection, and the effect of ultraviolet radiation is increased by mirror reflection to achieve final air disinfection.

  • Plasma

Under strong convection in the high-pressure circulation fan, the primary and medium-efficiency filters trap large and medium size particles such as hair and dust. The filtered air then reaches the plasma disinfection area and is ionized by the strong electromagnetic field. High-energy electrons, radicals and other active particles in plasma area effectively kill microbes in air, remove harmful substances, and also absorbs particles. Finally, the harmful gases and odors in air are filtrated by HEPA filter. After multiple cycles treatment, the air in the enclosure turns into clean and fresh air.


  • High Precision Lidar Navigation

Precise positioning, automatic map construction.

  • Retractable Nozzles & UV-C

Multifunctional compound of hydrogen peroxide, plasma and ultraviolet rays completely kills germs.

  • Dual H2O2 Decomposition Technology

After disinfection, quickly purify indoor air.

  • Auto Disinfection Path Planning

Suitable for multi-room disinfection and sterilization in complex environments.

  • Remote Tablet Control

Continuous disinfection and sterilization can be achieved with or without people.

  • Long Battery Life

Equipped with high-quality high-capacity lithium battery support automatic recharge function.

  • Smart Obstacle Avoiding Function

Smart obstacle avoidance, with a strong ability to cross obstacles.

  • High Standard Electrical System

The electrical system is designed according to high load and high power standards, safe and reliable.


  • 1. Unique constant pressure evaporation technology, using the Venturi effect to generate hydrogen peroxide particles formed of 3 μm or less.

  • 2. The strong air convection technology makes the hydrogen peroxide molecules disperse quickly and evenly without dead angles. It has high penetrating power and killing power, and has no corrosion to the surfaces of the objects. 

  • 3. Just input the spatial data, the device automatically calculate working hours and start working procedures. 

  • 4. Unique residual decomposition function and residual over-standard alarm function.  

  • 5. Equipped with hydrogen peroxide, plasma and ultraviolet to strengthen the elimination poison sterilization. 

  • 6. Different work programs to provide continuous disinfection with or without human interferences.

Application Range

The robot model is suitable for high-risk areas, operating rooms, ICU, neonatal wards, infectious wards, general wards, laboratories, laboratory animal centers, microbiology laboratories, biopharmaceutical factories, public areas, sanitary facilities and other places need to be disinfected. Disinfection space up to 500m³. After disinfection, wipe clean covers of the device (main air outlet area) with clean water 1-3 times to avoid corrosion.


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