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Plasma Air Sterilizer
Plasma Air Sterilizer

Top Best More than50,000 unitsof Freshing products have been installed in hospitals across China, and more th···

Rapid Readout Biological Indicators
Rapid Readout Biological···

Top Best 20mins - 3hrs Rapid Readout Biological Indicators adopt spectrum analysis technology to monitor the ···

Rapid Reader
Rapid Reader

Top Best Rapid readout biological indicator and reader 20mins to 3hrs for steam, H2O2 and EtO sterilization.I···

Space And Surface Disinfection Device
Space And Surface Disinf···

Top Best Triple DisinfectionH2O2Adopting unique constant pressure evaporation technology, and applying the Ve···

Rapid Biological Steam Pack
Rapid Biological Steam P···

Rapid biological steam pack adopts BD pack, and replace BD map with rapid readout biological indicat···

Wash Basket (Mesh Corner)
Wash Basket (Mesh Corner···

Wash Basket (Mesh Corner)CodeDescriptionPackage611.23023050D230×230×50mm1 Piece/Box611.23023075D23···

Standard Basket
Standard Basket

Standard BasketCodeDescriptionPackage611.585395195C585×395×195mm1 Piece/Box611.535380195C535×380×···

Self-seal Sterilization Pouch
Self-seal Sterilization ···

Self-seal Sterilization PouchUgaiya self-seal sterilization pouches are pre-folded and assure quick ···