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Compound Air Sterilizer

Time: 2018-03-02
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Category: Infection Control,COVID19
Type: Protective Supplies,Capital Equipment
Product Details

More than 70,000 units of Freshing products have been installed in hospitals around the world to fight against COVID-19 and minimize the risks of cross infection via aerosol and droplet

What's the difference?



  • Airmid lab tests shows the device works continuously for 60 minutes killed 99.81% MS2 virus (surrogate of SAR-CoV-2).

  • Airmid lab tests shows the device works continuously for 120 minutes killed 99.99% MS2 virus (surrogate of SAR-CoV-2).

  • Lab tests shows the device works continuously for 60 minutes killed 99.95% H1N1 virus.

  • Lab tests shows the device works continuously for 60 minutes killed ≥90% of all natural airborne microorganisms in a room of 120m3. After processing, average total airborne microorganism colony ≤64.8cfu/m3

  • Lab tests shows the device works continuously for 60 minutes killed 99.90% Staphylococcus albus.

  • The device works continuously for 60 minutes improving the air cleanliness in a room of 100m3 from ISO 9 to ISO 8.

  • The device works continuously for 1 hour and the ozone residue in air to ≤0.001mg/m3



With 20 years’ experience, Freshing is one of the leaders in air purification & disinfection industry, and also a core contributor to China relevant national standard. Freshing's products with relevant technologies take 60% market share in China, and covers 99% hospital market. Quality and services are highly approved by customers. Now, with new upgrade of the matured technology and cloud technology, Freshing products are aiming for all markets with medical grade technology, professional design, planning, installation, refreshing and upgrading services and products applicable to central air condition system,  fresh air system and other room air treatment applications.


Cross Infection in Hospitals

Hospital air contamination increases morbidity and mortality of patients, and in the meantime, puts medical personals at higher risk, increases medical costs, wastes social resources; on the other hand, costs of patients are increased as well. 


Air Purification and Disinfection in Hospitals

Most hospitals don't adopt any air quality control measures in public places, and those who are applying are mostly traditional air purifiers with UV technology. A lot new technologies haven't been applied. The purifiers are working independently without centralized air quality monitoring and control. Service and maintenance of the purifiers are also effort-taking. 


Total Solution

Freshing products adopt Plasma Modular Design integrated with different purification and disinfecting technologies. Test result shows the kill rate of natural viruses and staphylococcus are 99.90%. Build-in high accuracy air quality detectors monitor and display real time data of PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde (HCHO), etc. Freshing Smart Manage System provides remote diagnosis and control of the devices via APP, air data tracking and downloading, intuitive graphics analyzing and saving, etc. Once bad air quality is detected, the cloud system starts Freshing products automatically to effectively reduce cross infection via air borne virus, protecting the health of both patients and medical personals, enhancing and maximizing infection control capabilities. 


Application Range

OT, Infectious Ward, ICU, NICU, Therapy Ward, Prescription Room, Convalescent Ward, Inpatient Rooms, CSSD, Labs, Pathology Department, Diagnostic Center, Neonatal Pediatrics, etc.




Professional five-stage filtration, purification and disinfection technology to efficiently kill airborne virus, microorganisms, remove HCHO, TVOC and other hazardous gas. One-time filtration rate of PM2.5 is 99%.



Mobile Management & Control System


Freshing Smart Manage System, adopting data analysis and computing, provides group management, real-time monitoring, graphics display, data downloading; bad air quality warnings, and so on. It also allows users to track the running time, parameters, maintenance and services of the devices. 

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