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Rapid Biological Steam Pack
Rapid Biological Steam P···

Rapid biological steam pack adopts BD pack, and replace BD map with rapid readout biological indicat···

Biological Indicator Incubator
Biological Indicator Inc···

Biological Indicator IncubatorUgaiya UG-AL400 Biological indicator incubator for 24-48 hours EO/VHP/···

Chemical Indicator Strip VH2O2
Chemical Indicator Strip···

Chemical Indicator StripChemical indicator strips made by composed paper material with 1.5cm width a···

Chemical Indication Sticker VH2O2
Chemical Indication Stic···

Chemical Indication StickerChemical indication sticker is PET with 2cm width and 50m length. It is w···

SMS Non-woven Fabric
SMS Non-woven Fabric

Non-woven FabricNon-woven fabrics are used for instrument tray packing to avoid second pollution and···

Biological Indicator
Biological Indicator

Biological IndicatorUgaiya Steam Biological indicators are a special type of living microbial produc···

Steam Chemical Indicator Type 5 Window View
Steam Chemical Indicator···

Ugaiya Steam Chemical Integrators are type 5 chemical indicators according to ISO11140-1, consisting···

Steam Chemical Indicator Type 4
Steam Chemical Indicator···

Ugaiya type 4 chemical indicator strips are manufactured with special oil/water based heat sensitive···