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Time: 2018-05-28
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BoundTable, powered by BoundField Technology, is a RFID tag identification table reader, realizing the industry's most smooth magnetic field distribution, perfectly placed on tables or shelves for real-time accurate capture of inventory. It is suitable for CSSD traceability, tool management, drug tracking, surgical instrument management, garment management, etc.


l  The industry's most smooth magnetic field distribution

l  The industry's most standard distribution range

l  The industry's most uniform magnetic field distribution



The problem that puzzles the wide application of UHF RFID technology is that in order to read all the tags that should be read, the system always misreads some tags that are not in range and not supposed to be identified. The BoundTable solves this problem perfectly.


When used with UHF RFID near-field tags, the control accuracy of the reading range reaches 5mm, and the magnetic field distribution is extremely uniform, so that multi- reading is fast and accurate, without misreading issues. If it is used with UHF far-field tags, its reading range will be significantly increased, and there is still a clear boundary. 


Compared with UHF far-field antenna and UHF near-field antenna reading RFID far-field tags, it can be found that only BoundTable has no blind area and no strong area outside the read range.




The most flat magnetic field distribution in the industry. The maximum identification distance of RFID near-field tags at all locations on the BoundTable ( 540×430 mm) ranges from 40 mm to 45 mm, with an upper and lower offset of less than 5 mm.


The industry's   most standard distribution range completely eliminates the reading of RFID   near-field tags outside the BoundTable.


The most uniform magnetic field distribution in the industry. No blind area in the identification area on the   BoundTable, and after reading for a period of time, it can be found that the RFID near-field tags in all identification areas are read almost the same number of times.


Zero backscattering. The tag will not be read even if it is attached to the back of the BoundTable.


Gesture refresh function. To refresh the total number of tags read on the BoundTable simply by waving your hand.


Counting display function. The total number of tags read is intuitive, no need to connect to the host computer.


With rechargeable 18650 batteries, accessible and affordable, it can work continuously for a week after full charge.



Size   (mm)

570x550 (customizable)

Application Area   (mm)

540x430x40   (±5)

Communication Interface

Bluetooth, WIFI, 4G or Ethernet

Working temperature


Data Format

ISO   18000-6C protocol.


Can store and query 2 million data records


Blind spots

Completely eliminated

Missing reading (read less)

Completely eliminated

To read (a nearby tag) outside the read range

Completely eliminated

A strong area outside the read range?





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