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BoundField RFID Technology

Time: 2018-05-28
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Product Details


Only RFID BoundTags inside the BoundField cube will be read. Tags outside the cube will NOT be read no matter they are located at the nearest four sides, below the BoundArea plates, or higher than the BoundField cube.

Working with special designed RFID BoundTags, BoundField technology confines the electromagnetic field well-distributed inside the BoundField cube generated by the BoundArea plates.


BoundField technology is now the most accurate, stable and rapid UHF near field RFID reading technology in the world. The accuracy, stability and rapidity of this technology ensures a wide range of application in warehousing, logistics, asset management, traceability, tracking of valuable items, e. g. BoundTableRFID Smart Cabinet.


BoundArea is NOT an antenna that radiates electromagnetic wave, but a transmission structure that is designed to mannualy confine the electromagnetic wave in a limited space.



• No reading of unwanted tags. It will not read the tags located out of the BoundField cube; this ensures that the antenna reading is confined to the space around that antenna (0mm-*50mm distance from antenna) and does not extend to continuous shelves or antennas.

• No weak zone. All points inside BoundField cube has the same reading accuracy.

• No missing tag problems. All tags in BoundField cube will be read without missing.

Customizable Sizes & Shapes. BoundField generated by BoundArea plates. Dimensions and shapes can be tailered for application of various shelf sizes and shapes.

• Easily to be attached to the existing cabinets, no need to purchase a new cabinet, cost-saving.

• Applicable to all materials, even liquid and metal 


* Height of the BoundField cube can be customized to up to 100mm  as per request.


• BoundArea plates can be attached to existing cabinets to optimize workflow, increase patient safety, and reduce cost. 

• It is used for tracking high value medical devices, and secure access to pharmaceuticals.

• It also allows hospital personnel to dispense medications quickly, safely, and accurately. 

• In addition, what was once a manual, tedious task, is now automated: every item removed or added to the medical cabinet is recorded automatically, saving time, and eliminating human error.

• Different BoundField modules could be provided for products of various shapes, materials and sizes.

• Our BoundTags (RFID) can be attached or embedded inside so that the items in your cabinet can be managed automatically.