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RFID Smart Cabinet

Time: 2021-05-20
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Category: RFID
Type: Capital Equipment
Product Details

Leading Technology 

Powered by leading BoundField Technology the smart cabinet ensures 100% accuracy & 200 tags/second fast reading; and in the meantime, with build-in access control technologies:

  • RFID Card (badge)

  • Finger Vein Recognition (working even wearing latex/vinyl gloves)

  • Facial Recognition (optional)



  • Restricted access to high cost consumables and avoiding material losses.

  • Produces accurate inventory records in real time

  • Eliminates stock-outs and expired items

  • Eliminates costly inventory waste (right-size inventory) and expired consumables

  • Eliminates hospital supply disputes over quantities consumed

  • Saves time for medics on patient care


  • No missing tag problems: all tags in the cabinet will be read without missing

  • No stray/unwanted reads: only tags in the cabinet will be read; tags passing by the cabinet will Not be read

  • No tag-collison problems: no tag collision caused missing-tags for 300+ tags in cabinet

  • Fast reading: 200pcs/second reading speed to count the items in the cabinet within 5 seconds

  • Multi-antenna design: multi antennas ensure all tags will be read

  • Transparent doors: tempered glass doors provides visibility of items inside the cabinet without stray/unwanted reads

  • Open API for connection to ERP or HIS system, etc.

  • Finger vein recognition for convenient access clearance when wearing gloves

  • Secure locking system with UPS ensures safety of items in cabinet at power failure

  • Adjustable shelves allow the height of each shelf and the spacers on every shelf can be adjusted freely

  • Up to 8 subordinate cabinets can be connected to 1 master cabinet

Master Cabinet Technical Specifications

Parameters (Master   Cabinet)

Dimensions (mm)

L790 x W560 x   H1880

Frequency Range

902MHz ~ 928MHz; 865MHz~868MHz

Communication Interface

Lan, Bluetooth, Ethernet

Working Temperature

-15°C ~ +45°C

Data Format

ISO 18000-6C protocol


21” CTP touch screen, 1920x1080 resolution


Product Characteristics

  • Multiple verifications (Digital vein, Face ID, ID badge)

  • Fast and accurate identification (200 tags per second)

  • Free combination of 1 master cabinet and 1-8 subordinate cabinets

  • Self-locking after power failure

  • Multi system docking



  • High-value Consumables Management

High-value products management in hospitals. The cabinet will store product information automatically in the inventory system, and avoid any human error. 

  • Drug Control

Track and manage of controlled drugs. Only authorized personnel can open the cabinet for drugs and relevant use records will be upload to the control system.