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RFID Smart Cabinet

Time: 2021-05-20
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Category: RFID
Type: Capital Equipment
Product Details


The cabinet is designed with leading BoundField Technology to ensure 100% accuracy in reading, 200 tags/second fast reading, and in the meantime, with build-in access control technologies:

  • RFID Card

  • Finger Vein Recognition (working even wearing latex/vinyl gloves)

  • Facial Recognition (optional)


  • RFID smart cabinet can be connected to the ERP or HIS system, etc. The high-value consumables can be traced by the backstage control.

  • With the reading speed of 200pcs/s, it can check the items in the cabinet within 5 seconds.

  • Multi antennas ensure no misreading.

  • Finger vein recognition can effectively avoid invalid identification due to wearing gloves.

  • Secure locking system ensures the door can only be opened by specific keys when the cabinet is powered off.

  • Adjustable shelves allows the height of each shelf can be adjusted freely, and the baffle spacing on the partition board can also be adjusted.

Main Cabinet Technical Specifications

Parameters (Main   Cabinet)

Dimensions   (mm)

L790 x W560 x H1880

Frequency   Range

902MHz ~ 928MHz;865MHz~868MHz

Communication   Interface

Lan, Bluetooth,   Ethernet

Working   Temperature

-15°C ~ +45°C

Data Format

ISO 18000-6C   protocol

Product Characteristics

  • Multiple verifications (Digital vein, Face ID, Identification card)

  • Fast and accurate identification (200 tags per second)

  • Connection with up to 8 extended cabinet

  • Combination of main and auxiliary cabinets

  • Self-locking after power failure

  • Multi system docking


  • High-value Consumables Management

The target application of RFID smart cabinet is the high-value consumables management of the hospital. The cabinet will store consumables information automatically in the inventory system, and avoid any human error.


  • Drug Control

The RFID cabinet can monitor the controlled drugs. Only authorized personnel can open the cabinet for drugs and relevant use records will be upload to the control system, so as to trace the whole process.


  • Restricted access to high cost consumables and avoiding material losses.

  • Produces accurate inventory records in real time

  • Eliminates stock-outs and expired items

  • Eliminates costly inventory waste (right-size inventory) and expired consumables

  • Eliminates hospital supply disputes over quantities consumed

  • Saves time for medics on patient care