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BoundField RFID Technology
BoundField RFID Technolo···

Best Only RFID BoundTags inside the BoundField cube will be read. Tags outside the cube will NOT be read···

RiceBeads RFID Instrument Tracking
RiceBeads RFID Instrumen···

Top RiceBeads RFID tag is now themost advanced,smallest,anti-metal, UHF RFID tags. Together withBoundTab···

BoundTable RFID Reader
BoundTable RFID Reader

Top BoundTable, powered byBoundField Technology, is a RFID tag identification table reader, realizing th···

JRI-P100R Desktop RFID Printer
JRI-P100R Desktop RFID P···

FEATURESDesktop RFID Printer JRI-P100R (300DPI) is designed to track the reading/writingpower of reg···

JRI-P80 Palm RFID Printer
JRI-P80 Palm RFID Printe···

ADVANTAGESAffordable Low-price device, economic consumable, more cost-effective.Compact Palm size, d···

RFID BoundTags
RFID BoundTags

OverviewDeveloped for small-size dense tagged applications, it is based on NXP Ucode 9 IC and small-···

RFID Smart Cabinet
RFID Smart Cabinet

Technology The cabinet is designed with leading BoundField Technology to ensure 100% accuracy in re···