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Smart Medication Trolley

Time: 2023-02-06
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Category: RFID,Phamarcy Automation
Type: Capital Equipment
Product Details


Smart Medication Trolley, also known as smart anesthesia trolley, is designed for manage and control of narcotics and anesthesia drugs at a clinical scenario. It is applied to be the bedside pharmacy for controlled drugs in ER, ICU, OT and other departments in hospitals to achieve higher level of pharmacy automation, and in the meantime to avoid missing drugs.


Every drawer is equipped with RFID antenna to allow instant stock-take once the drugs are loaded/unloaded and the drawer is closed. Reading the drugs on top of trolley is not required to save the time.


In case the empty bottles are requested to be gathered and destroyed collectively, the smart empty bottle recycling bin can be chosen to be attached to the trolley.

Together with Smart Medicine Cabinet, it helps to achieve close-ended transportation, storage, management and tracking of both regular and controlled drugs central pharmacy to various clinical departments in hospitals, and in the meantime to avoid missing drugs. 


Leading Technology

Powered by industry leading BoundField Technology the smart trolley ensures 100% accuracy & 200 tags/second fast reading; and in the meantime, with build-in access control technologies:

·        RFID Card (badge)

·        Finger Vein Recognition (working even wearing latex/vinyl gloves) 


·        Every drawer is equipped with antenna to realize instant stock-take and to avoid missing drugs

·        Optional used package/bottle RFID collecting case to have closed loop traceability of controlled drugs

·        Drawers are equipped with mechanical locks to guarantee safety of drugs in case of power failure

·        Built-in battery to provide whole-day service

·        Open API for collecting to various HIS/ERP system

·        Finger vein login enables identification & login even with gloves on

·        Eliminate stock-outs and expired items

·        Eliminate costly inventory waste (right-size inventory) and expired consumables

·        Eliminate hospital supply disputes over quantities consumed

·        Save time for medics on patient care


·        No missing tag problems: all tagged items in the trolley will be read without missing

·        No stray/unwanted reads: only tags in the trolley will be read; tags passing by the trolley will Not be read

·        No tag-collision problems: no tag collision caused missing-tags for 300+ tags in cabinet

·        Fast reading: 200pcs/second reading speed to count the items in the trolley within 5 seconds

·        Multi-antenna design: multi antennas ensure all tags will be read

·        Open API for connection to ERP or HIS system, etc.

·        Finger vein recognition for convenient access clearance when wearing gloves

·        Bedside pharmacy: medicines are securely locked in the cabinet in clinical departments for instant medication