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Compound Air Sterilizer
Compound Air Sterilizer

Top Best More than70,000 unitsof Freshing products have been installed in hospitals around the world to fight···

Rapid Readout Biological Indicators
Rapid Readout Biological···

Top Best IntroductionUGBI series Rapid Readout Biological Indicators is widely applied for validation of vari···

Space And Surface Disinfector
Space And Surface Disinf···

Top Best IntroductionSpace and Surface Disinfection Device, regularly called as H2O2 fogger, applies theH2O2 ···

Rapid Biological Indicator Reader
Rapid Biological Indicat···

Top Best UG-AR series Auto Reader is designed to read the incubation results ofUGBI series Rapid Readout Biol···

Rapid Biological Steam Pack
Rapid Biological Steam P···

Rapid biological steam pack adopts BD pack, and replace BD map with rapid readout biological indicat···


Medical Heat SealerMY-200uFEATURESüGraphic interfaces for easy operationüAutomatic paper inlet and···

Medical Heat Sealer
Medical Heat Sealer

Medical Heat SealerMY100-CuFEATURESü7" touch screenwith graphics operation interfaces for easy···

Medical Heat Sealer
Medical Heat Sealer

Medical Heat SealerMY100-AuFEATURESüAutomaticcontrol, continuous sealing, temperature differential ···