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Plasma Air Sterilizer
Plasma Air Sterilizer

Top Best More than50,000 unitsof Freshing products have been installed in hospitals across China, and more th···

Ultrasond Wound Debridement Device
Ultrasond Wound Debridem···

Top Best IntroductionA cutting-edge wound debridement device developed for debriding and cleansing of complic···

Cryo and Heat Therapy Device
Cryo and Heat Therapy De···

The device is designed to provide cold and heat therapy to patients.It is professional and high-tech···

Space And Surface Disinfector
Space And Surface Disinf···

Top Best Triple DisinfectionH2O2Adopting unique constant pressure evaporation technology, and applying the Ve···

Medical Waste Shredder & Sterilizer
Medical Waste Shredder &···

Top Best Medical Waste TreatmentEconomical & Eco-friendly solutionKEY POINTS in medical waste treatment t···